What If My Worship Team Won’t Practice?

I get the privilege to talk with worship pastors concerning their worship teams a bunch lately.  It is a huge blessing.  One of the common questions I hear is: “what if my worship team won’t practice?”

This is a temptation for any musician or any vocalist in the system for a while.  We tend to get used to the opportunity to lead people in worship.  When someone doesn’t prepare for practice, it isn’t honoring to God (Psalm 33:3) and it doesn’t respect the other team members who have prepared.

As I was preparing to write on this, I remembered a video by a wonderful worship leader, Paul Baloche, on this.  I can’t improve on his wisdom.  Watch this and ask yourself – am I doing all I should or could do to prepare and practice for leading people in worship?  If you don’t have enough time, then you need to tell your team you can’t do it as much.  Whatever your next step is, do it in a way so you can lead with excellence.

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