We Advertise What We Adore

We’ve all felt guilt for not talking about the LORD intentionally with others, but we should never have to force ourselves. Without prompting, we advertise what we adore.

Needed Friendships

We often see friendships as a benefit but rarely a necessity. The reality is that we were not meant to live life alone.

Camp Commitments

It’s that time of year when camp is happening, and many students are praying that the change lasts this time. If you or your student ministry is growing in Christ, it doesn’t have to stop once you go home.

Simplified Steps

If we want our lives to inspire others, we not only need to provide motivation but also clarification. We must learn to teach others simply so that they know what needs to be done next, among a host of options.

The Type of Worship That’s Magnetic

If we grasp who we are worshiping, we will understand that an hour a week will not suffice. In our awe of who God is, we cannot help but stay humble, which draws others to worship as well.

Investigating Integrity

Instead of focusing on what others see in church, consider what God notices within the revealing aspects of your conduct. Pay attention to the way of integrity, because if you don’t, you will pay attention to something far less worthwhile and most likely experience it.

Reorganizing Your Life

If you are like me, there are days when I feel like my life is spinning out of control. There are so many expectations, and I sometimes struggle to do the bare minimum, let alone what I desire to get to do. If you feel like me, decide to make some changes.

Be Believable With What You Believe

If Christians appear hopeless when they offer the hope of Christ to others, we might need to rethink our perspectives. We should be so believable when we tell others what we believe.

Stop Lying in Church

It’s OK if everything isn’t OK in your life, but it’s not OK to deny it. If we are honest with other believers about our struggles, we can find the prayerful support we desperately need.

Praising His Design

There’s nothing wrong with how God made you. This world will tell you that your insecurities reveal that you need a change, but what you actually require is sacred contentment as you acknowledge God’s blueprint.