Praising His Design

There’s nothing wrong with how God made you. This world will tell you that your insecurities reveal that you need a change, but what you actually require is sacred contentment as you acknowledge God’s blueprint.

Worship as a Symphony

Worship is when we put our individual melodies aside and unite for symphonic praise that God wholeheartedly deserves. Gather with God’s people and make beautiful music together.

How Should I Read the Bible?

The Bible is not a book to cram information into your mind. It is God’s Word for you to study as it studies you. As you prepare a plan with which to read the Bible, ensure that you know how you should be reading the Bible in the first place. Consider what God is saying. It’s time to go the second mile in reading the Bible.

When Should I Read the Bible?

Since God is the most forgiving relationship in our lives, it is easiest to neglect our obligations to Him over other people. But neglecting His Word affects our lives greatly. If you have a plan, you need to decide when you will make time to meditate on God’s Word daily.

3 Steps to Staying Thankful

When everyone seems stressed out, it isn’t easy to maintain a thankful attitude. Even if it doesn’t come naturally, you must resolve to find the goodness of God still lingering on this earth to embody the type of gratitude to thrive.

When Nature Steals Our Song

While we were made to worship, we often neglect the blessed opportunity. If we look around us, we discover that even nature will sing our song if we refuse to do so.

For Those in Need of Hope

When we look around us at the state of the world, we can easily succumb to fear and anxiety. In the midst of unsettling times, you can turn to God for the hope that you so desperately need.

When God Gives, He Gives Abundantly

It is easy to think about what we wish we had, but how often do we reflect on what God has already provided? A simple review of your life may reveal that God has already blessed you in abundant ways.

Will All People Encounter God?

While I wish that all people would submit to God’s design and directions, I often feel hopeless because I constantly witness how truly rebellious we are. Will all people eventually encounter God before it is too late?