John Piper’s #1 Leadership Tip

The only problem with Passion 2011 was that there was way too much to process and apply.  I’m still going through lessons and trying to implement them into my life.

One of they keynote speakers at Passion was John Piper who recently took a 7-month sabbatical and came back into the public scene the week of Passion.   His message, “Getting to the Bottom of Your Joy” was huge.  Massive implications, but that wasn’t the best part of his involvment.

The next morning, he spoke to the leaders’ group.  He had planned one talk, but then decided at 6:30 that morning to change directions.

That morning, he shared with us his #1 leadership principle he has learned.


Tolerating Mediocre Talent in Church

We’ve all been there.  Sunday morning, the soloist gets up to perform the special music.  It’s not that it’s not your style, it’s the fact that it hurts.  This person simply cannot sing.  For whatever reason, they got the chance to sing a solo, and you are wishing they were singing so low you couldn’t hear them (sorry, I couldn’t

What If My Worship Team Won’t Practice?

I get the privilege to talk with worship pastors concerning their worship teams a bunch lately.  It is a huge blessing.  One of the common questions I hear is: “what if my worship team won’t practice?” This is a temptation for any musician or any vocalist in the system for a while.  We tend to get used to the opportunity

Do We Really Need Homegrown Worship Songs?

I’ve been a songwriter since I started playing guitar.  I love it, but when I became worship pastor, a dilemma arose.  If I have the choice to lead with a song that I have written or Chris Tomlin has written, if I defer to quality, we would always play Mr. Tomlin.  I love his songs, and our people love singing

Worship Leading Excellence: Honoring or Distracting?

Last night, in our worship team training, I asked the question: when does excellence in leading worship become a distraction? As we are spending this month focusing on worship value #3: capability – leading with excellence, a tension arose in my mind.  Psalm 33:3 says: “Sing to Him a new song, play skillfully with a shout of joy.”  As musicians,

Going Through the Worship Motions

This month’s core worship value: Humility – leading with perspective This week’s worship training one-liner: The cure for lethargic worship is a good memory. In Psalm 30, David expresses praise to God based upon his faithfulness in the past.  What’s interesting about this psalm is that the title infers that this was written for the dedication of the temple.  Only