Interpreting God-Given Afflictions

Psalm 119:65-80 – You can only say that God does all things well if you can accept that He does rightfully bring discipline into our lives. God can even use afflictions for our instruction. 

Befriending Faithful Companions

Psalm 119:49-64 – The company you keep will dramatically affect how well you follow biblical principles. Beware the wicked and befriend the wise.

Avoiding Disgraceful Endings

Psalm 119:33-48 – If you desire to finish strong at the end of your life, it is necessary to apply God’s Word now. To avoid a disgraceful ending, diligently learn and relentlessly stay on the scriptural paths.

Strengthening Weary Souls

Psalm 119:17-32 – We live in an increasingly strange world with combative critics and challenging circumstances. God has given us the Bible as an uplifting gift to strengthen our souls when we’re weary.

Your Best Life How

If someone asked you if you were enjoying your life right now, how would you respond? God’s Word provides us with clear instructions on how to get the best out of whatever our circumstances may be.

Psalm 119 (Series Overview)

The longest chapter in the Bible speaks to our need for all chapters within it. If we desire to live a joyful, God-honoring life, we must be relentlessly dependent upon knowing and applying the Scriptures.

Steady Steps

When surrounded by people falling along the way, we must ensure that we are stabilizing our pace as we seek to follow Jesus. It’s important to ground ourselves in the promises of God’s Word.

Worshiping on a Monday

Don’t reserve your praise for only on Sundays. If God is good every day of the week, He deserves our praise just as much.

God Is Not Annoyed by You

You can be sincerely convinced in your mind about what God is like, and you can be sincerely wrong. God is not as bothered with you as you might think.