Interpreting God-Given Afflictions

Psalm 119:65-80 – You can only say that God does all things well if you can accept that He does rightfully bring discipline into our lives. God can even use afflictions for our instruction. 


  • We are unable to interpret challenges in this life without the discernment God provides (119:65-66).
  • If God is good, everything He does must be good (119:67-68). 
  • A hard-hearted posture misses out on what God can teach us through opposition (119:69-72).
  • Those who suffer well prepare the hopeful path for those who will follow behind (119:73-74).
  • God knows how much affliction we require and how long we can endure it (119:75-77).
  • We must decide if we will allow adversity to encourage disobedience or devotion (119:78-80).


  • You must interpret your afflictions through a wider lens than just the present view.
  • The manner in which you suffer provides a template for others to repeat or reject.
  • Understand that God brings judgment to His enemies and discipline to His children.
  • If God is unable to stop our afflictions, then He is not powerful.
  • If God is unavailable to stop our afflictions, then He is not caring.
  • If God is unwilling to stop our afflictions, then He must be purposeful.
  • The only answer we may ever have regarding our afflictions in this life is that they drew us closer to God.

Memory Verse

Before I was afflicted I went astray, but now I keep your word.

Psalm 119:67