Prioritizing Holy Habits

Psalm 119:145-160 – To maintain awareness of God’s presence, we must prioritize holy habits to reinforce that reality. Know God better through consistent time committed to spiritual disciplines.


  • The Scriptures teach us that we can pray to God anytime about anything, anywhere we are (119:145-147).
  • Scripture memory allows God’s truth to be portable in our lives and available whenever we need it (119:147-149).
  • Stay close to the LORD when evil people draw near to stop you from following the Word (119:150-152).
  • Hold on to the hopeful promises in Scripture when life gets challenging (119:153-154).
  • Salvation only remains far from those who reject God’s plan for a new life (119:155-158).
  • If the entirety of Scripture is entirely true, we should lovingly pursue to know all of it (119:159-160).


Why don’t we prioritize holy habits?

  • Laziness (147) – It’s difficult to rise early for holy habits if unholy ones kept you up the night before.
  • Wickedness (150) – A sinful lifestyle will discourage you from practices that will provoke you to change.
  • Ignorance (155) – Many of us are missing life-changing truths because we are simply not putting in the effort to discover them.
  • Opposition (157) – Beware influences that discourage you from prioritizing holy habits.

What habits should we prioritize?

  • Worship (145, 149, 154, 159) – Warm your affections for God by starting your day with worship.
  • Prayer (146, 149, 151, 153) – Develop a varying list of how you will pray about the most important things.
  • Meditation (147, 152, 155, 160) – Commit to a reasonable plan for how you will gradually discover the truth of God’s Word.
  • Memorization (148, 151, 154, 159) – Hide the most necessary verses in your heart so that you won’t sin against God. 

Memory Verse

I rise before dawn and cry out for help; I put my hope in your word.

Psalm 119:147