Praying for Your Worship Team

Continuing in this month’s focus for our worship teams to pray fervently and specifically, I have another prayer point this week: pray for the members of your worship team.

Every Sunday before we lead worship, our team huddles up, grabs a hand, prays for the person on their right, then on their left.  Prayer is a big deal, but it is so important to get specific.

Whether you or on that team or led by that team, when was the last time you prayed for them?  You might not know them specifically, but you can still pray for them.

Here’s a list to get you started praying for each member:

  • To grow consistently closer to Jesus
  • To have private worship times be more intense then public worship times
  • To lead out of the overflow of their walk with God
  • To lead their homes in worship
  • To reach out to those around them
  • To live a life full of integrity

Will you pray for your worship team today?

17 thoughts on “Praying for Your Worship Team”

  1. Sorry, Trav. I tried to get out of the way before the picture was taken. Obviously, I wasn't quick e

  2. The worship team so blesses us each week! I pray for God's blessing on each of them and their fam

  3. I had to apologize to Amy for my son's hands and explain it wasn't me. Awkward. Glad my wife was in the room to be my witn

  4. Oh my gosh, I saw this picture and was like… Obie is already leading worship, but then again, look who is his parents are. Pretty soon there will be a band with all the Agnews. Obie on drums, Trav on guitar, Amanda on vocals, and little Eli is going to have to learn some bass.

    I will def. be buying that cd 🙂

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