Looking at the Wrong Scoreboard

What a fabulous day with the North Side family! We kicked off a new series called “5 Things That Will Kill This Church.”

Today, we worshiped to:

Amazing to hear you people worship today. A couple of times I just stepped away from the microphone and let you guys go after it – incredible time!

It was such an honor to have North Side’s former pastor, Ron Davis, bring the message today. I remember the day approx. 13 years ago when Ron resigned from the church. I was in high school running the sound. We were all shocked and wondered how the church would survive.

Ron told me years later of a conversation we had that I had forgotten about. After his message, I told him that I would miss him, but I believed that North Side’s best was still in front of her.

Years later, I can see how God was at work. And to have Ron back this morning plead on behalf he gave years of his life to was compelling and moving. We must continually look at God’s scoreboard. Are we being obedient to Scripture? Are we unified? Are lives being transformed?  Great message – check it out here.

Keep praying for our church and check your life – are you changing?  Are you making progress?

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