Looking the Other Way

Item #3 that could kill North Side: looking the other way.  What can bring a congregation down?  When we fail to engage in church discipline.

Yes, you could hear a pin drop today in services.

In his message, Jeff preached on the need for discipline within a local church body.  To his admittance, he stated that the concept of church discipline is very prevalent in the New Testament, but rarely is it preached on.  Until today.

Would it hurt North Side if Jeff was blatantly sinful in our community?  Sure.  Would it hurt the church if you did?  It would without a doubt!  If we take these lessons seriously, things are going to change.  The standard wouldn’t be perfection, but holiness would be our goal and we couldn’t enable people to continue on in sin.

Today, we worshiped to:

We also had a special prayer time in the middle of the service.  We set up 4 banners for 4 different prayer stations (relationships, sickness, evangelism, circumstances) and had people come down to those areas who needed prayer.  After that, people came around them and prayed for them.   North Side, we need to become “a house of prayer.”  Get ready…

Great stuff today, a lot to think about.  Check out the links for more info.  Be holy because God is holy.

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