Before You Change a Thing

North Side’s senior pastor, Jeff Lethco, does a lot of things well.  Recently, he added authoring to his credits as he finished his first book, Before You Change a Thing.

Book description:

Church leaders today are being bombarded by a growing number of voices about how to lead effectively. Unfortunately, some things that need to be said aren’t being said at all. And if they are, they aren’t being said loudly enough. This books examines eight truths that can empower any church leader in any church setting to succeed in their calling while remaining true to themselves, true to their church, and most importantly, true to God and His principles for spiritual leadership.

North Side made a bunch of transitions.  We still are.  Yet, due to God’s grace and a great leader, we have maintained who we are while changing some of what we do.  Hard balance to make.

I write this today when our Southern Baptist Convention is having their annual meeting.  Jeff is in attendance and there is much disagreement over certain actions the convention should take.  In a time when the harvest is ripe, we need leaders who aren’t ashamed of moving forward if there is legitimate reason to do so.  I see so many church leaders try to be edgy (and I said “try” on purpose) for no reason at all.  The desire is to be different or hip without purpose of transforming lives.  I also see church leaders stuck in their ways so much that they will disagree with anything that disrupts tradition.

Brothers and sisters, we must start living and leading in such a way that allow the methods to change while keeping the message intact.  I am so thankful to follow a pastor who exemplifies this.  If you haven’t picked up your copy of Jeff’s book yet, you can do so at Amazon or at North Side’s bookstore.  Great read that will challenge and equip any church leader or volunteer who wants to improve their church without losing everybody.

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