3 Essentials for a Humble Worship Team

Worship is all about God.

Whenever we serve in a manner to get attention for ourselves, we are attempting to rob God of his glory.

People who are called to lead others in worship must be bent on leading humbly before God and his people.

In the humility department of leading worship, I believe 3 things are absolutely key:

  1. Genuine Faith – To lead people in worship, one must be confident of one’s own salvation in Jesus Christ.  If you are truly aware of what your salvation cost, you don’t ever feel like you deserve to be doing anything of recognition.  You are just in awe that Jesus would love someone like you.
  2. Correct Doctrine – In order to lead biblical worship, one must possess correct biblical doctrine concerning essential truths (the Bible, God, Man, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Salvation, the Church, Eternity).  If your team is going to lead in songs that are supposed to teach truth (Col. 3:16), you need to make sure your team is in God’s Word with good theology!  A correct understanding of God leads to a deeper worship.
  3. Proper Intentions – While pride will be a struggle for every believer, each member of this team must have proper intentions on leading boldly on stage and off for the purpose of pointing people to Jesus. We must make war with our pride. If you seek an audience of anyone other than Jesus, this ministry is not for you.  You are not supposed to lead in a way to get the spotlight on you, you lead to direct the spotlight towards Jesus!

Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God so that He may exalt you at the proper time (1 Peter 5:6).

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