Sunday’s Prayer Card That Floored Me

Sunday, we had a time when people could come down to the front in our services and fill out a card that said, “God, if only You could…” and they were to fill in the prayer request.

This morning, our staff started going through the huge stack of prayer requests.  When I got the stack from the stage, the one on top floored me.  It was from a child.  We had many children put down requests that day.  I didn’t show the picture of the whole card so no one could try to figure out who it was, but I will share what was on that card:

“God, if only You could change Daddy’s wase. And mack him a better person. and becom a better cerichen.”

3 things to walk away with today:

  1. Pray for this family. Pray that this child is hopeful today and the Holy Spirit brings this father to his knees with conviction.  Please pray for this family!
  2. Fathers step it up. Your children are watching and they so desperately need their dads to step it up and be the men of God they were called to be.  Live in a manner worthy of your calling!
  3. Wake up churches. These needs are present around you.  Let’s not get so caught up in programs and events that we forget that needs are real and people need a touch from Jesus today.

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  1. This has so many layers of emotion behind it Travis. Thank God that your church reaches out to the children and teaches them properly about pra

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