Making Better Prayer Times

Even though prayer can be very challenging to stay consistent with focus and direction, we all know of its important for our lives. With some simple adjustments, you can create more effective times of prayer that will cause you to desire it more. It’s time to go the second mile in making better prayer times.

The Most Neglected Prayer Request

If most of our prayer requests could be addressed by a second opinion or an alleviated circumstance, we might not be praying about all we should. Make your personal discipleship a matter of consistent prayer.

Prayer and Evangelism

Prayer ought to be a vital component to anyone’s evangelism efforts. We don’t desire to trust in our abilities but seek to align, through prayer, with the One who cares for others more than we do.

How to Pray When Life Has Worn You Out

Life is challenging enough even with God in one’s life; it is hard to imagine navigating this world without Him. To endure the suffering of this life, we must pray for God to give us the strength required to persevere.

The LORD Is My Banner

Exodus 17:8-16 – The Israelites fought against the Amalekites and prevailed under unique circumstances during the conflict. As our banner, the LORD unites and mobilizes the people of God to victory.

The Change I’m Praying for in Me

While I have many prayer requests to share, the consistent prayer need is my own spiritual growth. Instead of trying to work in my own strength, I would be wise to admit to God, through prayer, how much I need His help.

How Often Should I Pray?

We often wonder how much we should pray to be considered a serious Christian. It’s not about reaching some type of goal. It’s about forming a type of relationship. We don’t want the bare minimum in the way that we prioritize talking with God.

How Do I Pray When I’m Anxious?

Realize that you haven’t sinned when anxiety hits, but you could sin by how you address it. Jesus provides helpful clarity in how He took His anxieties to God in prayer. It’s time to go the second mile in praying through your anxiety.

How Can I Diversify My Prayers?

If you pray about the same things in the same ways, day after day, you shouldn’t be surprised that your prayers are boring. To get out of a prayer rut, you have to change your strategy. What if one simple change could enliven your prayer life?