The LORD Is My Banner

Exodus 17:8-16 – The Israelites fought against the Amalekites and prevailed under unique circumstances during the conflict. As our banner, the LORD unites and mobilizes the people of God to victory.


  • After being challenged by internal conflict, Israel battles the external threat of the Amalekites (17:8-9).
  • While a physical battle was happening below, a spiritual war was happening above (17:10-13).
  • God didn’t want Joshua to forget the source of victory for the sake of future conflicts (17:14).
  • This battle taught the Israelites to unite together under the LORD as their banner (17:15).
  • God’s people should never face conflict without seeking God’s help (17:16).


  • Don’t assume you can outlast your enemies without the support of your companions.
  • Acknowledge that much of your conflict cannot be engaged with physical means.
  • Pray the type of bold prayers that anticipate God doing the impossible.
  • You can have victory because of Christ’s sacrifice at Calvary.