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On Tuesday, we had planned to work on artwork for the upcoming “Overcome” CD release.  Cory and I started going through some design ideas that were going to look pretty good, but nothing was changing our world yet.

I was talking with Jamie about how we could use this CD’s release as an impact to our community (more on this next week), and he talked about the prayer cards that we used on Sunday and how we pray they will overcome.

I asked him, “Do you mean we could take the prayer cards on Sunday and spell the word ‘Overcome’ on the stage for the CD cover?”

“No, I wasn’t thinking that, but…”

“I gotta go, bye!”

And then I ran and found Cory and Jessica and we started making the magic happen.

Our CD, “Overcome,” is going to be a batch of worship songs for believers to say, “Life is hard, but we will overcome.”  So, this is why this design is going to mean so much to our church than just a neat design:

  • The prayer cards that spell out the word were used during a worship prayer time on Sunday.  The words stated, “God, if only You could…” and people wrote in their prayers.
  • Our staff started praying through those cards and we were really overwhelmed at what is going on in the lives of our congregation.
  • Those prayers will make up the artwork for the CD.
  • We took some nice fonts and spelled out the word in different ways.
  • We then figured out how 48 feet by 6 feet could be divided by a 7 inch word.
  • Used some tape and tiles to guide us.
  • Started with one layer of the word.
  • Went up to catwalk, saw it looked to neat.
  • Waved them around some so you could tell it was something more than type on a stage.
  • Added some more prayer cards to it to make it bold.
  • Took some pictures.
  • Cory is going Photoshop crazy.

Can’t wait for you to see the final project.  And so thankful, North Side, that your needs made the cover!

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