Storytellers – The Cross of Calvary

Last Sunday, we led with a new song entitled “The Cross of Calvary.”  After writing a modern-day hymn for our upcoming CD, “Overcome,” Amy Cromer’s voice was just made for this song.  Her rendition of it on Sunday and on the recording just blew me away.  What I love about her connection to this song is that she lives this everyday!  I am always in awe of how she continues to serve and continues to be thankful to Jesus for his commitment to us on the cross.

Hear the story below in the video (if you are viewing this on Facebook and can’t see the video, click here).  We will be singing this song again this coming Sunday, so get your pipes ready!

2 thoughts on “Storytellers – The Cross of Calvary”

    • Thanks so much! Here goes:
      VERSE 1:
      Holy God, before the Fall, You made us all to live with You
      But each of us chose to turn away, and disobey, what would You do?
      Unwilling to leave us guilty
      At the cross of Calvary

      VERSE 2:
      Jesus Christ, You came to us and walked this earth a sinless life
      You chose the path of a sinner’s cross to save the lost, willing to die
      And make the unrighteous clean
      At the cross of Calvary

      O, what joy and pain, gracious suffering
      Glory met our depravity
      O, what wrath and peace, humble sovereignty
      Your blood spilled to set us free
      At the cross of Calvary

      VERSE 3:
      Sacred head, thorns for a crown, sinners surround the Son of Man
      With nails to pierce the gracious hands, stretched to extend, yet we turned instead
      You embraced the death meant for me
      At the cross of Calvary

      VERSE 4:
      No chance could I ever repay the price You paid to save my life
      Yet I can boast in one thing alone at the cross I’m known by Jesus Christ
      For this world was crucified to me
      At the cross of Calvary

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