Dry Erase Markers, To-Do Lists, and Unity

We just pulled back in from a leadership team retreat.  On my desk is a box of legos that were donated to my boys.  I have a list a mile long of to-dos.  I have more ideas in my head than I know what to do with.

And I have a new box of dry erase markers.


I love North Side Baptist Church.  And I only wish we all knew how blessed we are.  The last 3 days I have gotten the chance to pray, think, dream, plan, and collaborate with some of the most godliest, gifted, and genuine men of God I have ever known.

I hear so much of churches that struggle with staffs that can’t get along.  Staffs that overspend their budgets or need someone to babysit them.  I hear of staff members who are working so hard on building their own kingdoms that they can’t focus on God’s Kingdom (their personal ministry above the ministry of the church).  Church leadership absent of unity.

Walking away from this week, I am tired and have a lot to do, but I am so grateful.  I work on a unified staff.  We love each other.  And we won’t God’s will more than our own.

I get to be a part of a church (and be on staff) where we keep the main thing the main thing.  We don’t make the non-essentials essential.  We don’t major in the minors.  We are a church that is more determined than ever to make disciples.

And, I can promise you this:

The best is yet to come…

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