Worship Summit Recap

We had an absolute blast at the Worship Summit this weekend.  I am still processing all that took place.  Our team, North Side Worship, got to lead worship 4 times for a training event for worship leaders all over the state.  I then taught 4 sessions (5 Things That Will Kill Your Worship Team, The Big Idea, Cookie Cutter Worship, and Guitar/Bass Master Class), and the rest of the team helped teach master classes in voice, keys, and drums.

Mark Powers, the director of worship for the South Carolina Baptist Convention, told me that people were going out of their way to share encouraging words about our group.  I must say I have never been prouder to be on this team!  I never doubted how they were going to bring it, but people’s comments to me reminded me how blessed we are as a church to have this crew.

These were some of the comments I received there, through email, etc.:

  • “Your group sounded powerful on stage, but off-stage they were even more powerful.  So relational and helpful.”
  • “Enjoyed you and your praise team this weekend ministering to us at the White Oak Worship Summit.  I did not get to attend any of the sessions your group did but others from my church and my daughter did.  They were really over joyed with the passion that was demonstrated through your love for Christ and in with working with one another.”
  • “I’ve never been led by such humble and passionate people.”
  • “Can your group come to my church?”
  • “Part of your team invited me to eat lunch with them and that meant so much to me.”
  • “How did you assemble so many quality people?”
  • And much more.

I am so very proud of them and honored to lead worship alongside them.  Due to questions about the notes from the class, scheduling times for part of our group to come to other churches, or other great questions, I am listing a bunch of resources that hopefully should help you.  I have pdf versions of the main 3 sessions and also our application packet.  Also, I have some links of some upcoming events and way to get more resources from us on the regular.  It’s all free – enjoy!  Make it better, make it your own,  Just equip your team!

I also wanted to tell you about a few opportunities that I have had some emails concerning since I got back this week.

  1. Overcome: A Night of Worship & Hope – 10.10.10 – At 6 PM that Sunday night, we are going to have a worship concert coinciding with the release of the new worship album.  These songs are the storytellers songs I was telling you guys about this weekend.  The event is free, we would love to have your whole teams come out, just contact us with any questions.  More info here.  Or get info on Facebook.
  2. Lift: Worship Workshop – 1.29.11 – An all-day Saturday free worship workshop held at North Side Baptist in Greenwood, SC.  Bring your whole team and get equipped on how you can lift your worship, your team expectations, and your team’s abilities.  Tracks in musicians, vocalists, technicians, host teams, etc.  More info soon.
  3. Consultations/Worship Leading – I talked with a few of you about coming by myself or with a team to your church to either help do some training or worship leading.  We would love to help.  If you want more info on that, click here.
  4. Onsites – I was also asked if your team could ever come on a Sunday or a Wednesday practice to just hang out with us as we prepare and lead, and that is a definite yes.  You just need to contact jessica@northsidebc.org and setup a time and we would love to have you join alongside us!

Feel free to contact me and I would love to help out in anyway possible.  We were so humbled to walk beside you and serve you this weekend!  Pray we can continue our partnerships to leading our congregations to the throne of Jesus!

Make sure to check back here at my blog or at northsideworship.com for updated resources to help equip you lead worship!


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  1. What an amazing time we had this weekend! It was an awesome privilege to be there. We met a bunch of special people who love to lead others in worship, and it was a neat chance to grow deeper in our relationships with everyone on our North Side team. Thanks everyone who was a part of the Worship Summit this weekend – and for letting me be involved, too! Let’s continue to show God how much we all love HIM!

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