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I’ve been a slave driver to North Side Worship the last few months, but it’s going to be well worth it.  In addition to extra worship leading events, we’ve been cranking it out in the studio.  As final mixes are being tweaked today and tomorrow, I want to provide you with a track listing of the tunes on the project.

It has 16 songs.

16 songs.

The music never takes a break.  There is no stop once you get on this train.  In fact, it keeps going if you let it (you’ll understand when you get it).  I’ve never been so proud of what each member brought to the table on this project.  I think it is going to lead people in worship in cars, homes, treadmills, and anywhere else it is taken.

Overcome track listing:

  1. I Don’t Feel Noways Tired (old spiritual)
  2. Overcome (introducing this Sunday – or you might have heard it in pre-service worship)
  3. Worthy (singing the last couple of weeks)
  4. Nothing Is Impossible (song Amanda wails on – and singing this week)
  5. Present Help (remix)
  6. Hold On (gospel groove)
  7. 11:59 (bluegrass hoedown – everytime I listen to it, it blows my mind)
  8. I Am Yours (rowdiness)
  9. Immanuel (remix)
  10. The Cross of Calvary (hymn we’ve been singing)
  11. Don’t Give Up (remix of a Lethco message)
  12. Unite Us Together (acoustic prayer we’ve been singing)
  13. Wait for the Lord (energy and beauty)
  14. Never Seen the Righteous Forsaken (call and response – last minute addition to project…real last minute)
  15. Worship You (worship tune we’ve been singing)
  16. Some Day Soon (reminder this isn’t it)

Overcome will be released Oct. 10th at 6pm at a special worship event at North Side.  Hope to see you there – more details to come!

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