The Coalition


At the Tower of Babel, a coalition formed in an attempt to reach God.  More than a historical architectural attempt, this event reveals the pride in mankind’s heart.  We think we can reach God on our own terms.  God often has to remind us that he is still God and we are not.

What a great day at North Side as we concluded the “Origins” series.  Finishing up with an unbelievable message on the Tower of Babel, we finished teaching through the first section of Genesis (1-11).  Next week, we start the second section (12-50) with the series, Ancestors.

Our worship team was blown away this morning.  As we have been introducing new songs from the Overcome project, we were amazed at how much the church was singing away to some songs that are still fairly new.  It was amazing to watch out to so many worship and sing, “I’ll keep holding on cause I know who’s holding me.”  Watching those worship to that who are going through is such an inspiration!

Today, we worshiped to:

  • [PRE-SERVICE] Wait for the Lord – North Side Worship (Kennerly – released 10.10.10)
  • My Savior’s Love – Tomlin arrangement
  • Overcome – North Side Worship (Agnew – released 10.10.10)
  • Hold On- North Side Worship (Agnew – released 10.10.10)
  • Worship You- North Side Worship (Agnew – released 10.10.10)

What a great day!  Can’t wait to worship all week long as we live as the church!

Look out this week that I will be revealing some storytellers of the new songs and some sneak listens to the new tunes each day on the blog.  Can’t wait to sing them with you!  We will overcome!