The Cross of Calvary – Storytellers

“The Cross of Calvary” was a song written with the purpose of writing a modern day hymn.  I wanted to show how the cross was not an afterthought but was a part of the whole plan from the beginning.  The cross was the plan from the very start.

I did a lot of phrases in the chorus that showed the tension of the cross.  Humble sovereignty.  Wrath and peace.  Joy and pain.

The cross is the most wretched thing and most beautiful thing all at once.  It’s horrible that Jesus had to die such a horrific death, and yet is the most beautiful display of love the world has ever seen.

The chording was pretty “hymnesque” but I through an accidental chord in there to make it stand out and sound a little different.  Amy Cromer sings lead on the CD and has just done amazing things with this song.  This is one of those songs that people caught on to real quick and I am way blessed by that.  Hope you enjoy the snippet:

The Cross of Calvary by tagnew