11:59 – Storytellers

11:59 started as a joke. I make up songs for the boys all the time. As we were praying for all the details to get ironed out concerning Eli’s homecoming, Obie and I wrote this song.

Some details concerning the adoption were huge obstacles to overcome plus I had been praying about other big circumstances in some people’s lives. As we sat down at the piano one day, I started singing, “No, it’s not the midnight hour yet…it may be 11:59 but I know He’ll be on time…”

It references Paul’s experience of God rescuing him late in the midnight hour (Acts 16). There are times when you trust God’s timing, but you still think it’s cutting pretty close. This was a reminder to follow the God who is always on time.

As I pitched the song to the band, I wondered if they thought my attempt at a bluegrass, Southern Gospel tune would be laughable. It actually became one of the project’s favorite tracks for our group. I had almost forgot to hear Richenda Brown sing on it and Peggy asked her to sing it in my office. She took that song to a whole nother level. Here’s a snippet – hope you have a yee-haw in your spirit!

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