Immanuel – Storytellers

Today’s storytellers is the song “Immanuel.”

I wrote this song back in 2006 and recorded it in house, but rerecorded it on my “Coming Home” solo project released earlier this year.  The song fit too well with the “Overcome” theme not to include it.  So we remixed it and took away my background vocals and let Jodie Shirley add her great voice to the track.

The song was simple in concept.  I could think of many times when I had been far from God, but never a moment when he had been far from me.  I wrote the verses and bridge focusing on how we do certain things to create space from God.  The chorus focuses on that regardless of what we do, God’s promise in Jesus was that he was Immanuel – God with us.

Hope you like the snippet.  You can get your copy here.

Immanuel by tagnew