The Pretender: Judah

Another wonderful Sunday at North Side as we continued in our “Ancestors” series through key figures in Genesis.  I had planned a service based on Jeff preaching from Genesis 37 with Joseph and Potipher’s wife.  Instead, he felt led to go in a different direction:

For the sake of comfort, most people pass over Genesis 38, but Judah’s story is too similiar to situations today.  Many people are living for the moment without a thought concerning responsibility.  No matter how hard we try, our sin will find us out just like it did Judah.

I’ll be honest, when I saw what direction he was going, I just started praying that it would connect and not keep people’s mind in the gutters when he went to that passage.
 I have to admit, I have never heard a better sermon on Judah, Tamar, Er, and Onan than the one I heard today!  Granted, I have never had a preacher attempt this passage, but I am so glad Jeff did.  So many similarities with this story and our culture today (sex without responsibility, bad company corrupting morales, hypocritical lifestyles, etc.).  Amazing message – you need to listen to it here!

Today, we worshiped ot:

One of the most humbling moments in my life was hearing how you guys sang out today on “The Cross of Calvary.”  As a songwriter, you always are a bit nervous about how people will respond to homegrown songs.  Hearing you people worship to that today was a special moment for the whole group – thanks.

We conclue Genesis next week – make sure you are reading along with us!

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