The Pure: Joseph

What a great day at North Side!  The picture above is of my two aspiring musicians during soundcheck this morning.  Obie walked in with his toy guitar today and said, “Play the guitar in the church house like Daddy?!”  Love my life.

Today, we worshiped to:

So humbling to hear and watch you sing out today.  It was great to see how a CD can lead in worship in that so many of you were singing out to songs we haven’t done on a Sunday yet but were recorded on the Overcome CD.  Love worshiping with you and pray that album is a blessing to you!

Today was the last Sunday through our Genesis focus.  We started with the Origins series (Genesis 1-11) and then the Ancestors series (Genesis 12-50).  It has been so huge to be reminded of how applicable those lessons are for us today.

The Patriarch Joseph is the last main character in the Book of Genesis.  Betrayed by his family, he was enslaved in a foreign land, but even in the midst of trials, he was successful because God was with him.  His temptations and trials are not very different from our own, and we would be wise to learn from his example.

If you didn’t get to hear the message, you need to check it out here (posted Sunday afternoon).  I would love to hear your feedback – what did you learn from Genesis?

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