Tis the Season to Be Involved

Since Christmas decorations started going up in stores 3 months ago, I guess it’s time to start thinking Christmas time around the ol’ church house as well.  Our worship team has been doing some praying and planning as of late, and what we have realized is if we are going to pull off what we have in mind for the next few months, we are going to need some help!  Cause we have some pretty ridiculous plans…

Here’s some of the things you could help with:

  • Orchestral Players – Brush off the dust on your instrument and drop strutton@northsidebc.org a line to get plugged in.
  • Percussion Players – Have you ever banged a drum, pot, pan, pail, trash can?  We need you.  Drop strutton@northsidebc.org a line.
  • Mass Choir Singers – Wanting to join us for a couple of special events in November/December?  Tell john@northsidebc.org.
  • Techies – Do you love gadgets and technology?  Are would you like to learn?  We’ve got some pretty neat stuff that we will need an extra hand.  Contact jessica@northsidebc.org.

Can’t wait for the upcoming events.  Hope you can be involved!

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