One Family

Over the years, we have been blessed to see numerical and spiritual growth in our congregation.  We are at a place where we are not experiencing disharmony, but we are experiencing detachment.  So how can we turn this many people into one functional family?

It was a great day all around as we focused on One Family during our One Initiative series.

Today, we worshiped to:

It was very encouraging for me to be a worshiper at North Side today.  Due to my tonsillectomy, I brought my kids to nursery, was greeted by our wonderful host team, led in worship, and got to experience God (even though I probably sang more than I was supposed to).

Of course I couldn’t have a real day off.  I went to the 9:45 service and when it was time for Jeff to preach, he wasn’t up there.  So I scooted up on stage and started talking until he showed up.  He was really getting into it the first service then!  It was a great day, honored to be led by such quality talented people and such people with lives of integrity.