Knowing His Thoughts

We had practice on Wednesday for Sunday, and everything went great except for the feeling I needed to change things up.  So Friday, I sent an updated list for this morning.  I wanted to scale things back and really let our voices fill up the room with praise for our King.  I’m so thankful for a team that doesn’t complain when I send them an email and say we need to go in a different direction.  Each team member jumped in there this morning prepared and knocked it out of the park!  Great job!

Today, we worshiped to:

In addition to a great worship time, Ken also gave us a word of testimony concerning how the City has already impacted him.  This is an online tool that our church is starting to use to communicate with one another.  If you want to join the early group getting connected on the City before our January 9th launch, go here.

OG (the David Denton) also gave a word of testimony for our church.  After losing his father this year, he went through shock and pain.  But OG chose to believe in the hope we have in Christ.  He cited that he was able to overcome due to the church surrounding him and caring for him.  Such a great word from such a sharp dressed guy in his shiny white shoes!

Jeff continued to preach through Ephesians today: Knowing His Thoughts (Eph. 1:15-23) – We know that Jesus loves us based upon the deep insight he gives us concerning his work.  As he enlightens our hearts to his movement, we are able to comprehend the riches of his glorious inheritance as his children.

What a powerful message! We were also so thankful to have the McCall boys kick the message off with their singing.  Jeff really shared some kind words about the worship team at the beginning of his message, but it had more to do with being the church in general.  I love being the church here!

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