Knowing His Mercy

Knowing His Mercy (Eph. 2:1-7) – We know that Jesus loves us based upon his rich mercy.  By not giving us what we deserved, we have a chance at new life due to his deep love.  The fact that Jesus loves us changes everything.

What a great Sunday as we continued through Ephesians.  Jeff’s message was such a clear picture of the gospel.

Today, we worshiped to:

We had some really special moments in worship today.  Having the band start out with a presentation on hope, mission, and the gospel to the tune of a Trans-Siberian Orchestra number was pretty fun.  It was more than a neat musical piece, with the media presentation put together by Jessica and Jamie, the experience was pretty intense.  I have never been more proud of our hard working band (you can see it on Facebook here).

Great time of worship.  Loved our ending.  I didn’t think the invitations were going to end!  People can’t coming up every time Jeff started to move back towards the stage.  Love that our music and tech team could just follow me as I followed the Spirit as we moved from song to song.  Love the flexibility and talent on our team!

Hope to see you on Christmas Eve for our very special service!