Most Popular Posts of 2010


Below are the top 10 posts from my blog in 2010.  As we look forward to next year, I thought I would share these with you readers to take a look back.

1.  Top 5 Bad Christmas Church Signs
2.  Passion Church?! Giglio and Tomlin Church Plant?!
3.  Top 5 Best Christmas Decorations
4.  It’s Official: Eli is Now Legally Our Son!
5.  Peace on Earth (Did the Angels Waste Their Words?)
6.  “Coming Home” – Available Now!
7.  I Forget My Son is Black Until We Are in Public
8.  Bad Church Sign of the Week: Who Ever Stole Our Mower…
9.  The Need for Delegation & Equipping Others
10.  Eli is Coming Home

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