Out of the Darkness

North Side, 2011 has begun – get ready!  What a great day to start off the new year.  While we had a lot of our crew out of town or out of pocket, our team knocked it out of the park.  Woody even called in sick this morning (that’s why I attempted to play bass and keys – boy, I missed him), and we had to change stuff around, but we a great time this morning giving God praise!

Today, we worshiped to:

We started a new series called “This Little Light of Mine” as we continued through our study of Ephesians.

This week – Out of the Darkness (Eph. 2:11-22) – For those who have a new relationship with Christ, he brings us out of the darkness to life-changing unions with himself and his church.  There is no longer a separation of Israel and the Church – Christ provides the one way to salvation for both groups.  Due to that fact, we must be able to be comfortable with non-essential diversity since we are united in Christ – the most essential thing.

Take some time and listen to this message.  Powerful stuff.  I was “Amen-ing” like it was my job!  Great day to be the church – so excited to what God has in store!

The City launches next week – can’t wait to share more with you later this week!