A Different Look

Week 2 of leading worship on crutches.  If that poor stool can make it through today, it can make it through anything!  This cast has made me realize I’m a bit more of a dancer than I realize I actually was 😉

Today, we continued on through Ephesians as we studied:

A Different Look (Eph. 4:17-32) – As a Christian, we are called to lay aside the old self and have a completely different look.  We are no longer to live in our former ignorance, but we are to shine differently than before.

Today’s message was great.  Amazing how God’s Word, written years ago, still has so much power for us today!  The point Jeff ended on was so powerful.  He taught how Paul taught in Ephesians that we are to get together before we try to get holy.  You would think you should get holy before coming to church, but this progression teaches us to get around each other in order to make us holy.

We were so blessed to have the Friendship Quartet start out the services today with the classic, “Where Could I Go?”

Richenda’s testimony concerning Homes for Hope was a great reminder of the great opportunity we have at North Side.  Les and Richenda have been great foster parents, and I pray their story spurs you on to do the same.  To join the group on the City for Homes for Hope support, go here.

Today, we worshiped to:

We decided to end the service with “Make Me Holy” acapella.  I’m pretty amazed I get to sing with people who got that request 10 days ago, we have practiced the song 5 times, and they can knock it out of the park that much!  Focusing on the words of the song hopefully drove home the point of the big idea today.

Don’t walk away from today’s service impacted or inspired, do something with it!