Courageous Deadlines Have Been Met


I am happy to report to you that I submitted my last work for the Courageous Bible Study today!

I am way humbled to be a part of this great ministry endeavor, but I am also very tired.  It has been a lot of work to do in a short about of time.

The movie comes out on September 30th, what I have been working on will come out around the same time.  It is an 8-week Bible study curriculum that teaches biblical expectations for fathers.  The challenging thing writing it was to make it that a mother could still benefit from the information.  How could singles still get something out of it?  What about empty-nesters?  With the guidance of the Sherwood Pictures team and the LifeWay editorial team, I think we have a great approach full of a legitimate call for men to rise up.

The material will also have highlights from the movie to help drive home the points.  It could be done in a number of different ways.  A church could choose to make it the church-wide curriculum for 8 weeks or do a separate group just for men.

So unless they say something I submitted is sorry, I believe my part for the Bible study production is done.  Next on the agenda is figure out how we let this powerful movie and accompanying study impact Greenwood.

Looking forward to see what God does with it!

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