Your Marriage

Today, we started our 3rd section through Ephesians.  These final four Sundays, we will see that God still has the whole world in his hands, including your marriage, family, job, and spiritual protection.  This week:

Your Marriage (Eph. 5:22-33) – God has a plan for your marriage.  No matter how far out of control you believe it to be, God’s Word has direction to bring peace into a chaotic situation.  Biblical love and respect can set a broken marriage right again.

Today, we worshiped to:

Loved our time of worship as a family today.  So great to lift our voices and sing such biblical truth as presented in these songs!  Jeff’s message has massive implications.  Whenever you talk about submission, headship, and marriage, you always have everyone’s attention.  If you didn’t hear the message, you need to listen to it.  Many sermons on marriage talks about fixing problems, this sermon was about the purpose of marriage, and once you hear it, it fixes ALL problems.

Jason and Tonya did a great job at sharing the need for couples to attend the marriage conference this weekend.  It’s not for couples in trouble, it’s for couples who want to improve.  Like their testimony, Amanda and I can say how much these weekends can improve your marriage.  I am forever grateful to the first conference we went to with only 2 years of marriage under our belt.  We can’t wait for the Art of Marriage Conference this weekend.  If you need more info, go here.  You need to sign up.  It will change your marriage and turn marriage from being about you to glorifying God.

Hope to see you at the Art of Marriage this weekend!