End Human Trafficking

At Passion 2011, I had the opportunity to give to some great mission organizations.  Passion does a phenomenal job at their “Do Something Now” center making awareness and giving engaging again.  Each station has you experience what you are giving to before you give to it.  One example is by giving to build wells in impoverished areas, they have you tote a jug of water the length it takes someone to get water in their current situation.

One need that has been really disturbing me as of late is the issue of human trafficking.  Some of the stats you hear are overwhelming.  Children all over the world are being forced into prostitution at a very young age.

Years ago, I heard Gary Haugen, president of International Justice Mission, speak about his ministry’s work as they rescue children out of human trafficking.  I was overwhelmed at the horrific situations he described, but I was hopeful with such a ministry literally going in there and putting an end to some of it.

I encourage you to pray with me today concerning the status of our world.  I encourage you to pray about how you can become involved through finances, support, prayers, or even adoption that would save many children from this fate.

Here’s a video for you to watch a little more about the organization: