True Love (In Sickness and in Health)

mcquilkinOn this Valentine’s Day, I want to introduce you to one of my heroes.  I’ve never bet Robertson McQuilken, but his life has had a huge impact upon me.

Robertson and his wife, Muriel, were married in 1949.  As a young missionary couple, they spent 12 years in Japan before returning to the United States.  He became the  president of Columbia International University in 1968.  In the early 1980s, his wife Muriel was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  Through the gradual worsening of his wife’s condition, he eventually decided to resign from his post as president in 1990 to care for his wife full time.  This video is a brief summary of Robertson’s love for his wife, concluding with an excerpt of his resignation speech before the student body at Columbia.

It’s one thing to make a vow on a wedding day saying, “In sickness and in health”, but it’s another thing to keep that vow when it’s put to the test by something like Alzheimer’s disease.  I don’t know what your picture of love is on this Valentine’s Day, but it’s more than cards, flowers, chocolates, and physical attraction.  Maybe it’s something like that:

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  1. My Dad went to Columbia Bible College when Robertson McQuilken was the president there. I've only ever heard good things and known of good things to come from this man.

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