Shh…Eli Has a Secret…

I took this picture when we were getting our boys new shoes the other day.  We were on the way to do some ministry at North Greenville on Friday, so we took our time and spent some time together in Greenville.

These boys are growing up very fast.  Their abilities and speech are taking off week by week.  I feel like I have two little men around me.

One of the things we have been having fun with is whispering in each other’s ears if we have secrets.  I’ll lean into the boys and say I have a secret, and I will say, “I love you,” or “Daddy is so proud of you.”

Obie got the hang of it first and began to repeat some of my secrets back to me.

Then Eli got into it, but I wasn’t prepared for what he was going to tell me.

One day, Eli said, “Daddy, I’ve got a secret.”

He leaned in close to me, blew his breath heavily into my ear as he uttered these words in the most dramatic fashion: “Soccer balls.”

I don’t know when soccer balls become such a well-kept secret, but they are for now in our house.  And it is just one of those reminders why I love being a dad.

Today, don’t be in such a rush that you miss those priceless moments with your children.  They are a gift and they are fleeting.  Engage with your children today.

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