Derailed by Immaturity

2nd week of Derailed, and what an incredible walk through 1 Corinthians so far!  Getting to 1 Corinthians 3-4, we learned that Paul taught that immature believers are still selfish at their core.  A believer, or a church, can get derailed when they make all the decisions based upon selfish desires.

It was great seeing the church in action today.  We got to watch a great Disciple Now video recap highlighting our youth serving the community this weekend.

We also got the privilege to pray for Lander BCM students who have said yes to God’s call to go this summer!  This crew is going to South Carolina to India and everywhere in between.  It was so humbling watch “strangers” come up to these students and pray over them commissioning them out.  Wonderful time!

Today, we worshiped to:

I love the new arrangement we have been working on for “Brethren We Have Met to Worship.”  I plan on sharing the reasoning behind some of the changes on the blog this week.  Hope you have liked it!  So honored to serve with such a great crew of wonderful worship leaders on the stage and off!

Jeff’s message was incredible.  It convicted me on so many different levels.  More than just some of the possible changes our church is making, how much of my church experience do I determine by how it benefits me?  Check it out here.

I pray you are hearing these words and applying them into your life.  Just a reminder: if you want to follow along through 1 Corinthians with us, you can get your copy of the Compass online here.

Be the church!