AVL Field Trip for Our Worship Team

This week our worship team training time involved a field trip.  We didn’t leave the building, but I took all of our techies, musicians, and vocalists all around the building so they could experience how all the audio, video, and lighting for our services worked.

As we are teaching our worship value excellence this month, I thought it was important that the people on the stage realized that the work of the people off the stage was just as vital to our worship services.  Singers can lead a song, but without someone putting the lyrics up at the proper time, no one can worship along.

So we took a trip.

From sound boards to light boards to computers to switchers and everything in between, they got a basic education on how these machines work.  While I wouldn’t say they are trained to run them just yet, I will say that there is a greater knowledge of that side, and there is a greater appreciation of what that part of the team does.

I’ve seen a tragedy of people on stage embarrassing tech team members when things don’t go accordingly to plan.  As we learn to appreciate and encourage one another, we have seen everyone’s game go up!

This Sunday, as we worshiped, I pray that all team members understood a little better what each others’ roles were.