Derailed by Negligence

Within the church, a sin that can wield more damage than immorality is that of negligence.  When Christians don’t confront sin within the church, unholy living can become widespread.  The Apostle Paul handles this situation in a surprising way in this ignored passage (1 Corinthians 5).

Today’s service was all about being “Derailed by Negligence.”  We put the whole service together dealing with how do the people of God handle sin committed by the people of God.

In addition to a video on temptation, we had a prayer time for people who we knew that were getting far away from God.  Using James 5:19-20 as our prayer focus, we prayed and planned how we would lovingly confront that person.

We also used some help to start out the message today.  Using a mom, coach, and sheriff, we got everyone to imagine what those environments would look like if there was no discipline.  Jeff came up then and asked would a church would look like without any discipline.  Powerful message.  The 1st time I have ever heard a pastor preach on 1 Corinthians 5.

Today, we worshiped to:

Our band has never worked as hard as they did this week.  “In the Sanctuary,” a song originally Kurt Carr, is the most difficult song our group has ever attempted.  A complex black gospel song with 6 key changes is a challenge to tackle, especially in less than 1 week, but our group exceeded my expectations.  Blew it up!  So proud of them!

Hope you enjoyed worshiping with the family today and pray that we take this message to feet (cause we need more than heart on this one 😉 ).