Derailed by Lawsuits

I love loud worshipers, and North Side got after it this morning!

Wow, what an incredible time together.  4th week in our Derailed series through 1 Corinthians, and today we landed on lawsuits within the church.  You gotta love the Word of God that makes it so clear for us to follow!

In addition to a great message, we also got to hear wonderful testimonies and promo for our Priscilla Shirer simulcast next week, commissioned some more college missionaries, and sang our faces off!  For the entire flowsheet, go here.

Today, we worshiped to:

I am just floored as of late at how our church is truly becoming worshipers.  It doesn’t feel like two separate groups anymore (a group on stage and a group in the seats).  It feels like one big choir as we sing our hearts out to Jesus!  Keep it up, I know it makes Jesus proud!

To our worship team (host, tech, and music), you worked so hard this week.  Lift on Saturday and full services today, I hope you are worn out yet satisfied.  I couldn’t think of anyone that I would rather lead worship with than you guys!  Honored and humbled.

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