Little Drummer Boys

On Tuesday, we had some eager people who wanted to bring something by the house for our boys.  This seemed a little different than other trips.  Something in my gut said this was more than handing out cookies.

When I walked in my home, I realized that these people had already arrived.  These people brought a loud device with explosive tendencies into our home.

Their aliases: grandparents.

Their gift: drums.

Our current need: boxes of headache medicine 😉

All joking aside, the boys love the drums, and we love watching their little grooves.  We are also so blessed to have grandparents who love their grandchildren.  Even though we have to talk a little louder to have a conversation

2 thoughts on “Little Drummer Boys”

  1. I know the feeling. Chris' grand parents did the EXACT same thing. We find excedrin migrain helps.

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