Most of My Creative Ideas are Stolen

I’ve heard so many encouraging words concerning Sunday’s bilingual worship service.  When my worship leading buddy came out and started leading in Spanish after our prayer for the Spanish speaking people in this city, it was an incredibly powerful moment.

I have a confession: I stole the idea.

Waiting for a session to begin at Passion 2011, I was talking with my buddies around me about doing something about the Spanish speaking community in Greenwood.  We talked about finding a way to get North Side’s heart around the need.  The service started, they shared a story about a moment in Brazil, a worship leader came out starting singing “God of This City” in Portuguese.

We cried.  We worshiped.  And I made a mental note to steal that idea and use it very soon at North Side.

In the Body of Christ, we must be careful not to be too prideful to reuse great ideas.  Quality is better than uniqueness.  Don’t let the quest for originality stop you from using powerful moments that have been experienced by other people.

As a worship leader, I am always looking for creative ideas.  I make notes in worship services, Extreme Home Makeover, Oprah, magazines, playgrounds, cereal boxes, and so much more.  You name it, I get inspired from it.  And I’ll post the ideas on this blog.  Steal it from me.  Make it better.

So, keep your eyes open.  Maybe the idea that your church needs next is not an original one but simply a quality one.