It’s All About God (New Book)

As we are celebrating my boys’ birthdays this month, I thought long and hard about what to give them.  I decided to write them a book.  As with most of my projects, it started small, then grew into something a lot bigger!

To make it, I decided to use the process I used when I wrote Freshman 15.  Once I went down that route to make it for my boys and their friends attending their birthday party, I decided that it would be just as easy to make it available to you!

The book is called It’s All About God.  Obadiah and Eli are the two main characters.  And yes, they are stinkin’ cute in it.  I took some of their best photos, used their faces, and then drew cartoon characters for their bodies.  I then illustrated the rest of the scenes as well.

The story is written on a rhyme focusing on a line we tell our boys a bunch (and our church tells all our children a bunch): it’s all about God.  The story follows them through different things they enjoy and shows how all of life is about God.

I had a lot of fun making it.  I had even more fun reading it to them this weekend!  They loved turning the pages and seeing their faces.  And I loved hearing me read, “It’s all about…” and hearing them complete the line by whispering: “God.”

So if you would like a copy, you can get one at the eStore or on Amazon.  Get a copy for your child, grandchild, grandparent, or anyone else that might like a reminder that life is all about God (and see my pick for the 2 cutest boys in the world).

Here’s some more pics from the book:



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  1. Travis…how absolutely special on so many levels. Again thank you for sharing your family with all of us. Inspires even those of us with no kids!!!! I pray God will bless your efforts beyond your expectations with all your projects as you truly do make it all about Him!

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