Major in the Minors: Joel

We had another great morning at North Side as we continued in the “Major in the Minors” series.

We got the privilege to commission a bunch of graduates this morning.  That’s always exciting seeing how committed these students are to Jesus!

We focused on the prophet Joel today.  As Jeff discussed this message with the staff this week, it couldn’t come at a more appropriate time.  In light of all the natural disasters happening across America this week, many people are asking the question “how could God let this happen?”

As Jeff pointed out, when natural disasters happen, 3 main positions arise:

1) God couldn’t do anything about it, 2) God allowed it to happen, or 3) God made it happen.  His message reminded me of a quote from John Piper that he wrote after the 2005 tsunami:

The point of every deadly calamity is this: Repent. Let our hearts be broken that God means so little to us. Grieve that he is a whipping boy to be blamed for pain, but not praised for pleasure. Lament that he makes headlines only when man mocks his power, but no headlines for ten thousand days of wrath withheld. Let us rend our hearts that we love life more than we love Jesus Christ. Let us cast ourselves on the mercy of our Maker. He offers it through the death and resurrection of his Son.

Today, we worshiped to:

Everyone did a great job!  So thrilled to lead with so many quality people!  Can’t wait for tonight’s Revival service.  See you at 5:30.