Revive Our Integrity

What a powerful week 2 of “Revival.”  Studying Psalm 15, we talked about what it means to have integrity.  We also had a Memorial Day special prayer time for one of our own currently serving in the military led by one of our own who is also in the military.  Powerful time.

Tonight, we worshiped to:

I was kind of blown away by what happened in worship tonight.

It was one of those times where the worshipers got louder than the worship leaders.  When we went into the medley of “O the Blood” and “I Stand Amazed,” you could really sense that our people were united in lifting Jesus up.  It was such a powerful time of remembering the cross.  The band worked so efficiently on a new arrangement for “I Stand Amazed.”  They never cease to amaze me with your gifts and dedication!  Loved how it turned out!

Jeff’s message on Psalm 15 was one of the most insightful messages I have ever heard.  I want to live a life of integrity (“without wax” – see picture above).  Great analogy.  You can listen to the message here.

God is moving.