Revival Through the Valley

What an incredible night of our 3rd Revival service for the summer.  We focused on Psalm 23 and God reviving our hope even when walking through the valley of the shadow of death.

The service was built around that passage and included Stacy Wideman’s story (pictured here with her daughter, Savannah, and son, Stephen).  After being born with Down’s Syndrome and a heart defect, Stephen fought gallantly during his time, but eventually, God brought about his healing in heaven and not on earth.

Stacy’s honest testimony was more than powerful.  Her desire to let God “heal the wound but leave the scar” was seen in her desire to share God’s faithfulness with others during this difficult time.  After her testimony, Stacy led us in singing “It is Well.”  I have never been a part of a time when that song was sung more passionately and honestly than it was tonight.  The commitment in the room to those words was breathtaking.

In addition to that song, we worshiped to:

If you haven’t noticed, as of late, I haven’t had links to a bunch of hymns we have been doing, because we have been coming up with original arrangements.  More on that later this week.  The band has been working harder than ever before really putting these together.

Jeff’s message on Psalm 23 was such a great reminder of God’s faithfulness.  Afterwards, our times in groups was great.  Then, we got to walk outside to the front steps, baptize 13 people, and then go and have some ice cream with the church family.

It was probably all around one of my favorite days of being a part of this North Side family.  I love my church.

Come on, God, tell me we are just getting started.

10 thoughts on “Revival Through the Valley”

  1. Dana Lam Roberts

    I, too, thought Stacy's testimony was very moving, but her singing that song was powerful and felt spirit-led…incredible to be able to witness that in person. Thank you Stacy for your willingness.

  2. It's not online yet, but we hope to put it there soon. My Monday morning thought is we need to share that on a Sunday morning sometime as well.

  3. Sandra McCutchen Hawkins

    I agree……thanks, Stacie for sharing your story. It really is His story.

  4. Tonya Gambrell Durham

    It was amazing. I was so touched and in awe that she could sing after giving her testimony…

  5. So needed to hear her story!You're blessed when you feel you've lost what is most dear to you .Only then can you be embraced by the One most dear to you. (This was in one of my devotion books) Thanking God for my Church family!

  6. Jamie Ridgeway Woodard

    I am blessed to know Stacy and to count her among my friends. To walk through that "valley" and then to stand and sing "It is Well With My Soul"….POWERFUL! Thank you Stacy Wideman for opening your heart to share your testimony and allowing us to worship with you as you gave God all the glory.

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