Revival Through Repentance

We had an awesome Revival service last night.  The picture above is of 2 of our former church members and 2 former members of my community group.  Jordan Wilson (left) and Brian Rackley (right) didn’t leave North Side because they were disgruntled members.  They left because they obeyed God’s call.  Both of them are on staff at Bethany Baptist Church in McCormick, SC and God is at work in their lives!

Brian, pastor of Bethany, came and shared his testimony last night to remind us all of God’s grace.  When he pointed up to a seat in our worship auditorium and said only a few years ago, he was running from God and now he is pastoring a church, I rejoiced in the gospel yet again!  He shared about leading an 85-year-old war veteran to Christ the other week in his church.  He shared about God using him and Jordan to unite churches together and hold a rally downtown this weekend.  It was amazing to watch God at work from transforming Brian with his grace and then allowing him to be used to change others by the grace of God as well!

Brian and Jordan, thank you for your obedience to Christ!  Your sending church loves you very much!

And that was only one part!  We worshiped to:

“Amazing Grace” was kinda impromptu but if we can’t follow the Spirit’s leading, then what are we doing?  “Pass Me Not” is one of my favorite hymns (and Jeff’s favorite), and I tried to insert some black gospel chords into the arrangement.  Too fun!  We also took a video done by Igniter Video called “Are You Amazed?” and took the music out and sang to this powerful video depicting Jesus’ sacrificial love.  It was a neat way to incorporate a powerful video with some live music.  Powerful time.

Jeff’s message of Psalm 51 was stellar.  That is one of my favorite passages, and he did such a great job breaking it down.  You can listen to it here.

What a wonderful night!  Thank you all for worshiping the Lord in spirit and in truth!

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  1. So proud of everyone's hard work yesterday! Thank you all for being willing to be used of God!

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