Bad Church Sign of the Week: Loving the…

Someone sent me this church sign this week.  Theologically, I understand what they are trying to convey, but I am curious in your thoughts.

Was this a wise phrase to put up on their church sign?

9 thoughts on “Bad Church Sign of the Week: Loving the…”

  1. Fail- The connotation they are trying to mimic by using "hell" is a very worldly phrase.

  2. I would think it is aimed at the "worldly" population and thus would catch their attention.

  3. There is a church around the corner from us that ALWAYS has an uninviting message on their sign… to make matters worse, I've had two bad experiences with some deacons, and to top it off, my 85 year old grandpa was told he was a "little late" to be dragging a wheelchair (my grandma who has alzheimers) through the door making so much noise! LOL needless to say, none of us attend this "place of worship".

  4. I will send you some pics of their signs, they're awesome! We pass the church twice a day to care for my grandparents, so… you will have plenty of "material" to work with.

  5. well I think its cute! and its true what they are trying to do! As far as "wise" maybe not the appropriate word but it gave me a laugh and sometimes we christians are known to be too uptight! A preacher once told me him and I were very different but God had us reaching people in our own unique ways. So that is what I see the sign as not wise….but unique! I see too many of the lets guilt trip people to Jesus attitudes, this to me may could convey a curiosity of what kinda love could that be to non believers…

  6. I think I understand what they are trying to do… appeal to the masses. However, doesn't someone need to maintain moral integrity? If the church doesn't–then who among us will? Romans 12:2 says "And do not be conformed to this world […]." Where do we draw the line between compromising our beliefs and pleasing the world?

  7. Tacky and tasteless and I wouldn't be "gracing" their doors. One can live out the LOVE without being so "brassy" (my mom's word ;-D)

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