Revival Through Adversity

Last night, we picked up our Revival series during the summer months.  It was July 4th eve, a storm was brewing, and we still had a great turnout of worshipers!  I have loved this time together.

We worshiped to:

The band, tech, and host teams did a wonderful job all day yesterday.  Adding Sunday evening services has not been easy for our crew in addition to their other responsibilities, but everyone has arisen to the occasion and done a wonderful job.

We focused on Psalm 73 last night which is one of my favorites (I think I’ve said that almost every week).  As the psalmist honestly states that he almost stumbled following God with looking at the wicked and their carefree state, he eventually realized that the nearness of God was his good.  Our group had a great prayer time after it.

We are starting to put together details for our united services and schedule change.  Please be in prayer and be willing to jump in where the Holy Spirit guides you!

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  1. And, I must say that's a pretty cool picture I took from my phone even though Amanda Willard Agnew elbowed me when I took it!

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